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VSM forklift

The Visser Spacing machine (VSM) forklift is functional in many situations and can be used for transporting pots, moving and loading soil bails and totes, and loading and unloading trucks. The forklift is available as either a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel forklift version. Both types are available as diesel, LPG, and electric.

  • Toyota design
  • Durability
  • Comfort and safety
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Visser Spacing Machine forklift

The VSM forklift guarantees a low cost of ownership with its proven quality, durability, and reliability. The VSM is based on a Toyota Tonero, which has proven high-quality standards. The VSM forklift can be equipped with a Space-O-Mat transport fork for easy moving around the greenhouse and a Space-O-Mat spacing fork for spacing pots efficiently in your greenhouse.

The VSM has big low-pressure pneumatic tires combined with low weight; therefore, it is easy and practical to use in the greenhouse and on soft surfaces in the field. The VSM is known for decreasing rutting or track forming. Additional comfort features of the forklift are an adjustable ORS seat for comfortable sitting, low vibration and noise, and a short turning radius of 2.60 m.

The VSM offers various options to customize your forklift, such as; double tires, a fourth valve including connection, accumulator, speed control, and a short mast. The VSM is designed for maximum safety at work. The most advanced safety technologies protect the truck’s driver and the load. An additional safety package offers a refined driving control system, including indicative scale, speed and acceleration control with a lifted load, and programmable maximum driving speed. The VSM forklift is part of the Space-O-Mat system. For an overview of the system, including transport and spacing forks, press the button below.

Technical specifications


51HP (36kW)


Lift capacity


Max speed


Turning radius



Proven Toyota design

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Perfect combination with transport and spacing forks!

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