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Visser Horti Systems provides turnkey solutions for automating any horticultural production process. We design and manufacture our machines from stand-alone units to complete production lines so that you can automate all labor-intensive processes. Whether you grow from seed, tissue culture, or cuttings, we help you get the most out of your young plant production.

Working closely with growers, we combine cultivation knowledge with the latest technological innovations. Our R&D division, ViVi, is specialized in tissue culture production and controlled environment multi-layer growing systems. With our retail division, Viscon Aimfresh, we create retail-ready concepts for your plants. Our experience in industrial design for product carriers provides your business with custom solutions for challenges that could otherwise not have been automated.

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To achieve a successful root growth, filling should be conducted with the correct density level. Visser supplies several potting machines and tray filling machines for filling pots, plugtrays and others sorts of carriers such as packs or hanging baskets.

Visser potting machines are available as stand-alone units as well as integrated filling machines in a complete production line. In the latter case, the potting machines are part of a seeding and cutting transplanting line.

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Accurate and reliable seeding results are the base for excellent horticultural production. Visser provides innovative and smart seeding solutions with a high capacity, precise results and maintenance friendly seeding machines.

From stand-alone Visser seeding machines to integrated seeding lines with tray filling and covering units. For bigger capacities, multiple seeding heads can be used on the same seeding line.

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Visser has more than 25 years of experience in automatic planting operations and has developed a wide range of transplanters that guarantee a perfect planting result. The renowned Visser Gripper stands for strength, precision, and durability. Wireless controls enable easy changeover and less maintenance.

Visser developed a revolutionary system to automate the process of sticking unrooted cuttings. AutoStix® is a turnkey concept with a tray, strip, and transplanter, which greatly increases efficiency in your nursery.

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Grading, vision & AI

Visser is specialized in the production of plugs to deliver added value from the young plant stage. Gain data insights and predict parameters by using vision technology and artificial intelligence to greatly improve your efficiency.

Visser has the most versatile line of image recognition systems, ranging from inspecting trays and making them uniform to grading and replugging young plants. Grading can be based on many criteria such as volume, height, colour and number of flowers.

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Pot handling

Logistics carried out as efficiently as possible in order to optimally utilize the available space in you nursery. The renowned Visser Space-O-Mat system has become a common concept in potplant nurseries.

The Space-O-Mat system consists of pot transport forks and spacing legs, electric and diesel fork-lift trucks, set-down and transfer robots, collecting stations, grading and buffer systems, trailer and table loading systems, conveyor belts, trailers and aluminium cultivation table systems.

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Internal transport

Visser provides various logistic solutions for the handling of trays, pots, racks, boxes, soil supply systems, buffering and shipping. We design our transport solutions so they are always applicable to your specific operation.

Visser offers efficient solutions for every logistic challenge; wide belt conveyors, overhead cranes, YX transport systems, monorail internal transport systems, mobile box systems, tray delivery systems, soil storage and supply systems.

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Visser offer a wide range of watering booms for plant nurseries. From semi automatic to fully automatic spraying and watering. By using innovative smart software, all required operational commands can be programmed.

Visser Horti Systems is certified by SKL for the legally required inspection of spraying- and watering booms used in horticulture in The Netherlands.

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Tissue culture

ViVi provides everything to build a cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory: lab design, climate chambers, multi-layer LED trolleys, automated media-dispensing, worker equipment, growing consumables, and consultancy.

The unique benefit of the ViVi method is that rooting and hardening happens simultaneously in the patented ViTrays. Because of our in-house R&D lab, we understand and help you with TC protocols to truly deliver a turnkey project.

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Multi-layer growing

Our multi-layer growing solutions help you utilize space more efficiently. Optimizing control in the young plant phase to ensure a strong start of your plants with our R&D trolleys and large scale production systems.

Aqua D-light is our R&D trolley that improves control in your light- and watering strategy. The ViCabin and ViTrolley are a plug and play multi-layer growing system. This closed system consists of controlled climate chambers and multi-layer LED trolleys.

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Industrial washing

Through our partner Unifortes we offer optimal cleaning solutions. Unifortes is strongly represented in the horticultural sector worldwide. Working with some of the biggest plant cultivators has given them significant knowledge of the washing needs throughout the industry.

Unifortes developed a wide range of highly efficient and hygienic washing and drying installations for all product carriers used in the horticulture industry.

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Turnkey horticulture solutions

Visser Horti Systems designs, builds and implements your optimal production process. No matter which cultivation technique is applied in your nursery or plant factory, we can provide custom solutions that seamlessly fit your operation. We offer automation solutions for seed, tissue culture, somatic embryo’s and cuttings. Whether you grow in plugs, cups, pots, trays, floats, soil blocks or any other medium like rockwool.

By partnering with other key horticultural suppliers Visser offers turnkey solutions, always aiming for the highest quality achievable. We implement industrial product design from the young plant phase up to a retail ready concept. Together with our partners we create concepts that can differentiate a product and can ensure competitive advantage through a unique design.

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