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Leafy Greens

Turnkey cultivation systems

The cultivation of leafy greens enables a radically different approach than most other vegetables. The short growth cycle of the crops, in combination with their light weight, is perfectly suited for cultivation techniques like vertical farming and hydroponics. Whether you want a fully automated DWC system, or optimize every square meter of your available space with vertical farming. Our state-of-the-art cultivation systems provide the best solutions in both markets.

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Leafy greens

Vertical farming

The ViVi Verte system offers you the opportunity to grow leafy greens in the final packaging itself. The entire process is automated, and takes place in a climate chamber with the use of LED-lights.

Deep water Culture Hydroponics
Leafy greens

Deep water cultivation

Viscon Hydroponics specializes in a fully automatic deep water culture system. The company expertise in young plant technology adds to the effectiveness and success of the hydroponic system.


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Vertical cultivation of leafy greens