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Revolutionize the future by implementing the latest technology and innovations in your breeding process. We provide turn-key tissue culture laboratories, multi-layer propagation systems, cultivation consumables and automation solutions. By reducing the risks associated with conventional cultivation methods, we offer a reliable, scalable and safe way to help you grow the best starting material.

We offer a leading-edge method for breeders in which our approach is one of the cleanest production methods. The semi-permeable cultivation consumables preclude the spreading of diseases and allow simultaneous rooting and hardening of the plants. In addition, we automate every step in the breeding and young plant phase to reduce labor-intensive handlings.

Breeding solutions

Automate your breeding process


We provide a modern and controlled solution for your breeding process to gain perfect test results in a multi-layer controlled environment. The ViTray is the ideal vessel for breeders and propagators in your search for the best elite plants.

Tissue culture

Our turnkey tissue culture labs cover the whole process of micropropagation. We provide everything for plant tissue culture laboratories: from design and multi-layer climate chambers to cultivation consumables and R&D support.

Somatic embryos

Using somatic embryos as the start of your plant production has many advantages. By implementing our automation solutions, we offer you the possibility to scale up and improve every stage of your somatic embryogenesis production.

Climate chambers & multi-layer LED trolleys

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Tissue culture labs

Whether experienced with tissue culture or new to the plant tissue culture world, we provide everything to build a complete cutting-edge tissue culture laboratory.

We provide a turnkey solution from the design of your facility to climate-controlled propagation rooms, labor-saving automation, lab equipment, growing consumables and protocol development.

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Climate chambers & LED trolleys

The ViCabin is a climate chamber in which humidity, temperature and CO2 values can be set to achieve accurate and uniform growing conditions. The climate chambers create the ideal environment for your indoor multi-layer production.

The ViTrolley is a LED trolley with a unique design and is fully compatible with the ViCabin. The trolley with diffused LED panels creates the ideal light spectrum, climate and day-night rhythm for your plants.


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Cultivation consumables

Our multiplication cups and rooting trays add value to your tissue culture production and breeding process. The separated packaging precludes spreading diseases and all our products can be provided gamma irradiated.

The ViTray provides a revolutionary method for the rooting of plants. Because of the unique permeable foil rooting and hardening of the plants occur simultaneously, saving time and space. The ViTray also acts as an excellent shipping package.

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Lab Automation

Because of our extensive experience in automation solutions we can automate a large part of the tissue culture and breeding processes. We automate labor-intensive processes such as media dispensing, tray filling, vision grading, and transplanting.

We offer automated production lines and automate all logistic processes in the lab. Viscon automation saves time and significantly reduces contamination risks, labor costs and mistakes.

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Young plant automation

Viscon Plant Technology provides turnkey solutions for automating any young plant production process. We design and manufacture our machines from stand-alone units to complete production lines to automate all labor-intensive processes.

We offer fully automated production lines with filling, seeding, (de)stacking, transplanting, watering and vision grading machines. Our logistic handling systems, potted plant transportation, soil handling, irrigation systems and track & trace delivery systems create the optimal flow in your nursery.

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Containerized Tissue Culture laboratory

The ViLab is a plug-and-play ‘containerized’ tissue culture laboratory, creating a low threshold entry into tissue culture production. It has all the benefits of a regular laboratory combined in three 40ft shipping containers.

The lab complies with all phytosanitary requirements thanks to sterile laboratory conditions. It is equipped with areas for preparing media, cutting plants and has a controlled environment multi-layer growing setup.

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Tissue culture production software

We offer tracking & tracing software to supply all your products with the correct information down the supply chain. Plant tissue culture software can be used as a planning and calculation tool for data & stock management and barcode labeling.

Viscon Factory Intelligence software provides you with the most advanced software. Using the software all information from production to the customer is available on your multiplication cups, trays, and boxes.


Even though technological developments are essential for our business, we believe the true differentiator is knowledge. Our team of experts has years of experience and has been working with some of the biggest labs in the world.

With this knowledge built up over the years, we can advise you on media, lightning, climate, tissue culture production and automation solutions. We can design each protocol you might need and assist you with in-house training and R&D support.

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As a research and innovation-driven company, plant tissue culture is embedded in our DNA. We’ve been developing solutions for this sector for over a decade. We differentiate ourselves by our horticultural know-how, automation expertise and unique multi-layer cultivation system.

Using our approach, you can increase the rooting rate and uniformity of the plants. We do this by skipping the in-vitro rooting step using the Vitray; a “Greenhouse in a box” logistic solution for the protection of young plants. Our multi-layer indoor rooting & hardening setup creates a sterile and fully controlled production environment. In addition, we provide custom-made automation for all labor-intensive production processes.

Daan Mansveld | Global Sales Manager

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