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Fully designing your process in

Pallet handling

Fast and predictable pallet flows

Viscon provides integrated solutions for automated pallet handling in production, packaging and distribution processes. For example, to feed packaging materials towards the production area and to move finished goods towards expedition. We speed up the logistics flow and help to realize higher productivity at lower cost.

  • Turnkey pallet handling solutions
  • Extensive material handling portfolio
  • Create control with Factory Intelligence Software
Pallet handling

Speeding up your logistics flow

System integration

We design the pallet handling system, integrate all equipment and software and hand over a seamlessly working process. A flexible approach is possible thanks to our in-house engineering, production and software capabilities.

Broad material handling portfolio

Our portfolio consists of configurable pallet conveyors, shuttles, lifts, palletisers and stackers. We also include crate or box conveying to create a seamless connection to your processing or packaging lines. Third-party solutions for robotics or AGVs can be integrated to create the best handling system.

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Traceability & control software

Viscon’s Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management of your logistics process. It offers product traceability and unlocks performance optimization. This allows our customers to get the most out of their production facility.

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