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VIDEO: Construction of new vegetables packing center

Growers United is building a new packing and distribution center in the Netherlands’ Westland region. The strategic move to have a centralized processing facility to service the needs of the Growers United cooperative (including brands Prominent, Green Diamonds, Purple Pride and Sweet Point) allows DC Honderdland to help facilitate the growth within the fresh produce market. A high level of automation ensures all vegetables are stored, processed and made retail-ready in a centralized processing facility.

Totaling 4 kilometers of conveyors, a fully automated 3.500 pallet position storage system and multiple processing and packing lines, Viscon contributed to this high-tech packing and distribution center. We complemented this high profile project with VLC tracking and tracing software. In this series of construction updates, we personally invite you to get a first-hand experience of this high-tech packing center.

Update #1:
Introduction to Growers United

We take great pride in contributing to the construction of Growers United new high-tech distribution center for storing and processing vegetables. In this first construction update our specialist Tim Huijben gives you an exclusive look behind the scenes. In a couple of weeks we’ll be back to show you more about this great project.

Update #2:
Automated pallitizing systems

Great progress has been made to ensure the project will be finished on schedule. In this second construction update we show you the delivery of palletizers which will provide a fully automatic solution for stacking crates and boxes onto pallets. Tim Huijben will tell you more in this video, where you will also see more of the packaging lines (de)stackers!

Update #3:
Packing & Processing lines

All automation we provided supports Growers United in facilitating the growth within the fresh produce market. In the brand-new premises all products are packaged and made ready for retail. We look forward to showing you in more detail what this high level of automation entails. So stay tuned!

Update #4:
Crate washing & handling 

In this new vlog Tim will tell you everything about the #cleaning of the crates in which all the greenhouse vegetables are being harvested. In collaboration with Unifortes, two highly advanced washing and drying installations are included to ensure that a top level of cleanliness is applied. Furthermore, tried and tested means to effectively kill Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) – should it provide an issue – is incorporated into each washing machine along with the inclusion of paper filters to ensure that effective water management is applied.

Update #5:
Traceability & Control Software

Implementing our traceability and control software in the final stages at Growers United. In the 5th Construction update Tim Huijben explains the benefits of Viscon Logistics Control, which allows Growers United to optimal control and manage their warehouse and production processes. The software connects all automation equipment and communicates with the customer’s ERP software.

Update #6:
First phase has been completed

In the 6th installment of the vlogs at Growers United, Tim Huijben shows us an overview of the fully realized automation as well as the most recent additions. We have built the entire post-harvest process, from incoming goods storage & handling to preparing supermarket transport as efficiently as possible.

Tim Huijben
Area Sales Manager | Worldwide

Tim Huijben

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