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Fully designing your process in

Soft fruit

From young plant production
to retail-ready product

As the global popularity of delicious and healthy soft fruit increases steadily, so does the need for large-scale and cost-efficient production. In the young plant stage we offer turnkey laboratories to guarantee fast and high quality tissue culture production. Next to that, Viscon can automate the entire post-harvest process which is carefully designed for the fragile characteristics of soft fruit. 

Our expertise

Soft fruit automation

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Gentle solutions to handle these delicate and high value products.

Soft fruit on a large scale

To ensure the highest quality of plants, we provide turn-key tissue culture laboratories. For the young plants, we supply seeding and transplanting machines that are industry leading in terms of speed and accuracy. Fully automatic irrigation systems effortlessly supply even the largest of greenhouses. And everything can be seamlessly connected through Viscon’s internal transport solutions.

Post-harvest, we have established an array of automation equipment that handles the product with the silk touch that is required to maintain the integrity and quality of soft fruit. Solutions include specialized equipment for grading, weighing, packing, palletizing, as well as box, punnet and pallet handling. 

Tim Huijben
Tim Huijben | Area Sales Manager

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