Visser, ViVi, and Aimfresh are now thriving together as Viscon Plant Technology

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Irrigation and crop care are the basic needs of all plants. Through the years, we have developed a wide range of spraying and watering booms that give your business precision and efficiency in irrigation. We have developed both fully and semi-automatic systems. While designing a watering or spraying boom, we look explicitly into the ideal application for your specific operation. Each system is individually assembled to accommodate your wishes and adjusted to specifications such as greenhouse layout, type of crop, and operating requirements.

Our range of watering and spraying booms is designed to be complete systems that perfectly suit the conditions in your greenhouse. Our watering solutions include a fixed boom for each bay for maximum capacity, mobile systems for efficient use, and a fully-automatically operating system that moves the spraying or watering boom from bay to bay according to a preprogrammed schedule.

With our advanced software control system, fully automated watering booms can be programmed to carry out multiple commands. The watering booms can be operated and monitored at the computer or using a handheld device like your phone. The Visser service office can control the watering booms from a distance allowing for quick and direct maintenance and ensuring efficient and cost-effective watering systems.

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