Visser, ViVi, and Aimfresh are now thriving together as Viscon Plant Technology

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Seeding machines

Accurate and reliable seeding results are the base for excellent horticultural production. We provide innovative and smart seeding solutions that achieve high capacities and precise results. Our durable seeding machines are maintenance-friendly and allow easy changeovers to different product carriers and seed types.

Seed is valuable and accurate seeding is a substantial saving for every grower. We have designed seeders for every type of seed to guarantee no double seeds, no empty cells, and a precise sowing result. We offer various seeders due to the diversity of nursery operations, the great variety of plants, and the wide variety of carriers, all requiring different automatic seeders.

We offer the right seeding solution for your operation, whether you require a semi-automatic seeder, mechanical plate seeder, volume seeder, drum seeder, or fully robotic seeder. From stand-alone seeding machines to integrated seeding lines with filling-, covering-, watering, dibbling, and transplanting units. The seeders are modularly built, so multiple seeding heads can be added to the same seeding line to reach higher capacities.

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