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Advanced AI Vision, presenting InSight Technology

Viscon proudly presents Viscon InSight Technology, using advanced AI Vision. This technology offers solutions within the expertise of detection, qualification and sorting, and can be applied in various sectors.

With Viscon InSight Technology, the uniformity of plants can be guaranteed through intelligent analysis and data. This system assesses various aspects of plant quality, such as the size of cuttings and the thickness of stems. By using advanced grading algorithms, this technology ensures accurate and efficient quality control, resulting in higher product quality and less waste.

The versatile applications of Viscon InSight Technology extend beyond simply ensuring quality and uniformity in plants. This innovative technology can also be used for accurately determining the number of tomatoes on a truss, measuring plant height, counting flowers, and even for cross-market applications, such as in hatcheries for assessing the quality of eggs. This advanced technology offers companies a reliable and efficient solution to optimize production processes and increase product quality.



Sustainability and Future

With the world population continuing to grow and the demand for food increasing, Viscon remains committed to efficient and sustainable food production. Viscon’s new technologies help reduce food waste, increase food quality and optimize production processes. By providing innovative solutions, Viscon makes agricultural processes more profitable, scalable and environmentally friendly.

Our mission, “We envision a world in which people, plants, and animals can thrive”, is at the core of our pursuit of innovative solutions for sustainable food production. With this mission in mind, Viscon continues to develop innovative technologies. In line with this mission, Viscon proudly introduces the Viscon SwiftPick Technology and Viscon Insight Technology as continuing steps towards realizing a world in which everyone, from humans to plants and animals, can thrive.

Patrick Sannes | Viscon Factory Intelligence

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