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Insect farming

Insect farming technology

The world demands a more sustainable food cycle in order to feed a growing population. The farming of insects like black soldier flies and mealworms has emerged as a profitable solution, as these insects can turn organic waste into valuable nutrients.

Viscon’s insect farming technology and software solutions provide the backbone for an automated insect factory. Our decades’ worth of experience in factory intralogistics automation ensures an optimized process tailored to the needs of farming black soldier flies (BSF) and mealworms.

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Entodose – fully automated neonate weighing machine

Upgrade your farm operations with our automated dosing system for neonates. The Entodose has been specifically designed for the delicate handling of neonates, with an optimized combination of low dosing weight, high accuracy and high speed.

The characteristics of neonates and the needs of farmers have been analyzed to influence our design choices. No matter the size of your farm, we have the right solution for you.

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Insect crate & pallet handling

Viscon’s insect farming equipment manages the flow of crates and pallets between storage facilities and processing lines within insect production factories.

We provide a diverse range of insect handling systems like (de)stacking, (un)loading, sorting and tipping technology to accomplish this. We integrate smart measuring tools to allow quality checks on the insect farm.

Insect storage systems

Viscon offers automated and scalable crate storage solutions for insect farming, in both the insects’ nursery and rearing phase. Viscon also offers pallet storage for end products, such as insect powders and whole insects.

Our storage systems help farmers increase processing speed, limit labor, reduce equipment space and safeguard quality. Any supplementary insect handling automation can be designed and produced by Viscon as well.

Insect conveying technology

Conveyors facilitate the automatic transport of insects. Viscon offers different types of conveyors for insect farming such as belt, roller and chain conveyors.

Our expertise in conveyors enables us to select the right type for every factory, from black soldier fly farming to mealworm raising. Choices are for example influenced by requirements for cleanliness, weight, grip and preciseness.

Industrial washing

Each insect production cycle, crates need to be cleaned, dried and stored before entering a new production cycle. Viscon offers a wide range of washing and drying installations for crates, trays and other product carriers, which are seamlessly integrated with other insect farming equipment.

We supply fully automated washing systems for your insect factory and include all material handling linked to the process. Our washing machines are customizable for every insect farming set-up, be it small scale or mass produced.

Traceability & control software

With our Factory Intelligence software platform, we connect all equipment and offer full control over the entire insect breeding and rearing process.

This allows our customers to get the most out of their automated insect farm. Viscon’s software provides all the required functionality to manage your processes and ensure traceability throughout the factory. It also enables an optimized insect rearing system, for example by adjusting the routing of the logistical flow.

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Insect farming technology
tailored to your needs

Viscon takes pride in jointly developing the logistical process with our customers. Based on in-house engineering, production and software development, Viscon incorporates all our customers’ needs within our scope in an optimized insect farming design. During this process, we also establish a seamless connection with any third-party equipment, like insect feed technologies and climate control (HVAC).

Our track record in high-volume logistics provides great opportunities for the development of large-scale insect farms. Curious to see how technology and automation can contribute to insect production? Our expertise has already been demonstrated in the world’s first large-scale automated black soldier fly farms. Feel free to contact us.

Insect Farming Automation

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Fully designing your process

We take care of the logistical flow by automatically moving, handling, and storing crates throughout the insect production process. Additionally, we add intelligent software to enable traceability and full control of the plant. All in all, Viscon’s cutting-edge equipment enables large-scale insect breeding at the highest efficiency.

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