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Fully automated neonate weighing & dosing


Upgrade your farm operations with our automated dosing system for neonates. The entodose has been specifically designed for the delicate handling of neonates, with an optimized combination of low dosing weight, high accuracy and high speed.

  • Dose 0.5 grams up to 10 grams per crate
  • High precision: Achieve 0-5% average deviation above target
  • High capacity: Dose 450 crates per hour
Jasper van Dijke
Jasper van Dijke - Commercial manager

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Tailored to insect farm operations

The characteristics of neonates and the needs of farmers have been analyzed to influence our design choices. No matter the size of your farm, we have the right solution for you.

  • A special finishing smoothens the stainless steel to deal with stickiness of neonates.
  • The components are easily dismountable for cleaning. An extra parts set is available to avoid downtime when cleaning.
  • The buffer allows the system to run on its own. Standard buffer capacity could be increased to let the system run for a longer time.
  • Viscon also offers dosing solutions for dosing of older larvae.



Fully automated

The Entodose can be delivered and installed as a fully automated dosing process. Viscon conveyors, a frame and other hardware and software are connected to automate the nursery phase.


Software intelligence

Control the entodose via touch screen or connect the system to the operator room. The integrated software allows you to define the optimal settings to fit your specific needs regarding precision, speed and weight.


High capacity

The Entodose is able to reach a capacity of 450 crates per hour when dosing several grams per instance. If needed, we can upgrade the machine with additional dosing heads to further increase performance.

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Gather hatched neonates from the hatching chamber and insert into the Entodose. The Entodose will take care of the rest.

The Entodose pays itself back fast, also when operating at smaller scale. Check the business case for your farm with us.

Insect farming technology tailored to your needs

Viscon’s insect farming technology and software solutions provide the backbone for an automated insect factory. Our decades’ worth of experience in factory intralogistics automation ensures an optimized process tailored to the needs of farming black soldier flies (BSF) and mealworms.

Viscon takes pride in jointly developing the logistical process with our customers. Based on in-house engineering, production and software development, Viscon incorporates all our customers’ needs within our scope in an optimized insect farming design. During this process, we also establish a seamless connection with any third-party equipment, like insect feed technologies and climate control (HVAC).

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