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Deep water cultivation

Viscon Hydroponics

Viscon Hydroponics specializes in a fully automatic deep water culture system. The company expertise in young plant technology adds to the effectiveness and success of the hydroponic system.

The Viscon Hydroponics system focuses on the safe production of fresh produce. The Viscon system is a closed growing system on deep water. Viscon Hydroponics focusses on short cycle crops that can be grown on deep water, like herbs, cabbage and lettuce.

Deep water cultivation

Faster growth and higher yields

The Viscon Hydroponic system
in 3 steps:

1.  Growing of the young plants

Young plant production is one of the most vital parts of a solid hydroponic system. Visser Horti Systems, part of the Viscon Group, has been specializing in the automation of young plant production since 1967. Therefore this expertise is available to Viscon Hydroponics. Due to the lengthy experience in young plant production, a unique system has been designed to grow the ideal young plant, that can be finished in the production area.

2.  Production on deep water

When the grow cups with young plants have been transplanted in the floats automatically, the floats will be placed in the basin by an automatic crane. The design of the tall floats makes for a system that needs little handling, with as little movements as necessary.

The cups are being placed in a staggered pattern, which results in a 10% higher occupation per float. The float is being designed in plastic, which makes it easy for cleaning. This white plastic reflects well, which generates a higher light capacity for the plant.

The floats will float on the water, which makes it very easy to transport them with a minimal effort. Every time a product is automatically harvested, new products will be placed in the ponds. The ponds are continuously covered with floats, which protects the pond from the development of algae.

3.  Harvesting & Retail

When the product is ready to be harvested, it will be automatically transported to the central packing line in the harvest area. The product can be packed with the grow cup attached for better shelf life. Another option is to cut the product directly from the grow cup to be flow packed for a ready to use product. Every time product is harvested, the floats will be cleaned automatically before new young plants will be transplanted in the floats.

Levels of  automation

Fully automated

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Controlled Environment

Viscon Hydroponics enables you to leave the open field and produce in a safe and controlled environment. Growing in the greenhouse gives you advantages regarding food safety, considering no feaces can be dropped on the product.


Food Safety

In the hydroponics system the use of pesticides can be limited, because the environment can be controlled much better. Different disease hazards can be excluded from the closed systems, which helps you to bring back your use of chemicals.

  • Controlled Environment
  • Food Safety
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