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Production control software

Factory Intelligence

Software solutions

As a system integrator Viscon offers automated intralogistics and production solutions. Our software platform is paramount in this. With Viscon Factory Intelligence software we connect all automation equipment and offer full process control. This allows our customers to get the most out of their automated warehouse, logistics center or production facility.


Versatile integration

We integrate our own equipment and any third-party equipment. We support our customers’ endeavors to scale up and improve performance. New automation and software solutions can be easily integrated afterwards.


Continuous traceability

A product’s location and status are available at any time and data is linked to other systems such as ERP. This gives tremendous benefits for supply chain Track & Trace management.

Real-time monitoring

Our software allows for real-time monitoring to ensure process control across the production floor. KPI dashboards help to create the right insights on the spot and provide useful input for management reporting.

Performance optimization

Data collection and analysis help to measure performance and identify optimization opportunities across the process. Areas of improvement can be much more easily identified.

Real-time monitoring

Data & Dashboards

Software integration

Our software includes components for warehousing, logistics and production processes. It incorporates the functionality of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Warehouse Control System (WCS) and a Warehouse Management System (WMS). We integrate with existing software systems. By linking to an overarching WMS or ERP system we unlock the benefits of connection.

Our approach

User experience is key

Customer story video:

Do you wonder which advantages software can bring to your factory or production facility? In this video Wouter van den Berg explains how Cheese company Vergeer uses Viscon Factory Intelligence to optimally control and manage their warehouse and production processes.

Patrick Sannes | Viscon Factory Intelligence

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