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Viscon Factory Intelligence

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Take full control with Factory Intelligence

Viscon Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management over your entire process. This next generation of software intelligently integrates work processes with your automation technology. It offers traceability and unlocks performance optimization. This allows our customers to get the most out of their automated warehouse, logistics center or production facility.

Our software includes components for warehousing, logistics and production processes. The software incorporates the functionality of MES, WCS and WMS. We integrate with existing software systems. By linking to an overarching ERP system we unlock the benefits of information exchange.

Our key features

Factory Intelligence

Experience & Interaction

User-friendly software

Our software excels with an user-friendly interface, quick learning curve, and optimized control for complex automation systems, enhanced by rich visualizations, making it easy to use.


Custom-fit modules

We use standard software components, which can easily be modified and scaled up. Our goal is to create a costeffective, tailored solution that efficiently aligns with your unique production process.


Integration platform

Compatible with diverse overarching software systems (ERP, WMS, MES), and automation equipment from various suppliers. Proven systems in a wide range of industries.


Continuous traceability


Real-time monitoring

Our expertise

Performance optimization

  • Continuous traceability
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Performance optimization

Our software suite



Production Control

Viscon’s production control software serves as the vital link between an organization’s ERP system and its production processes. It ensures the smooth execution of production orders generated by the ERP, offering fast and precise order management.
  • Assign orders to production
  • Order progress monitoring
  • Track & Trace insights
  • Link between ERP and production floor



Material flow control

Viscon’s Material Flow Control (MFC) optimizes and streamlines automated material flow within your facility. Our material handling software controlls the movement and routing of goods: from goods-receipt, to production and storage, and finally dispatch.
  • Coordinates the movements of all automated equipment
  • Optimizes material flows
  • Determines the most efficient routes
  • Plans the right sequence of tasks

Warehouse Management

Viscon’s Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) enhance the management, coordination, and monitoring of your warehouse automation, guaranteeing a seamless flow and storage of materials. Our software incorporates the functionality of a WMS for comprehensive system optimization.
  • Intelligent warehouse control & management
  • Improved inventory management
  • Incorporates the functionality of MES, WMS and WCS
  • Integration of all equipment
  • Standalone implementation or functional addition to existing ERP or WMS


Our traceability software provides real-time data and a comprehensive view of a product’s journey, ensuring transparency, issue resolution, and enabling continuous improvement efforts. In essence, it serves as the cornerstone of accountability, quality assurance, and production efficiency. This valuable data is versatile, offering capabilities for tracking and tracing, issue resolution, recall management, and performance optimization. Additionally, it is readily accessible to empower your data analytics team.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Recall Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply chain Track & Trace management
  • Information exchange with your ERP system
  • All data is available for the customer

Integration services

Our software seamlessly integrates Viscon’s automation equipment and thirdparty machinery into your operation. Our main goal is to assist our customers in expanding and enhancing overall performance. Along with hardware integration, we provide the integration of existing WMS and ERP systems, further enhancing the potential for seamless coordination and optimization. This ensures a real-time, comprehensive overview of your entire production facility.
  • Link between ERP and production floor
  • Integrate shuttles, AGV and AMR systems
  • Connecting with third party equipment
  • Vendor independent hardware integration

Achieve the benefits
of automation

At Viscon Group, we are passionate about production processes and the limitless possibilities technology has to offer. We provide machine automation, software and integrated solutions to make your processes more sustainably profitable, scalable and easy. As a system integrator, we build machines but moreover we build integrations. Our software platform is paramount in this. This allows our customers to get the most out of their automated warehouse, logistics center or production facility.

Viscon Factory Intelligence, an integral part of Viscon Group, is our in-house IT software company that enables us to provide customers with all the necessary software for optimal control and management of the entire logistical process. Expertise in hardware and software strengthens our value as a software integrator and allows for a customer centric design approach.

Viscon Factory Intelligence

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