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The Viscon Group is passionate about creating innovative, solid and smart logistic solutions for all material handling processes in Food and Agro businesses. The Viscon Group has been specializing in product & material handling for over 45 years. Our main drive is to create competitive advantages and continuity for our clients by engineering efficient, reliable, cost effective and creative production processes that can grow and change with their organization.

Viscon Group is divided into the following sections


Viscon Logistics

Viscon Logistics can design a solution in an existing warehouse or can design an entirely new company. Our success engineers can consult and provide an optimal logistic flow. We will take care of the total project management from concept to commissioning product lines, so customers can focus on the quality of their products.


Viscon Hatchery Automation

Viscon Hatchery Automation specializes in all equipment from egg reception to chick delivery in a hatchery. Since specializing in this process in the late 90’s we rapidly developed to become the biggest producer and specialist in this area of expertise. We have supplied many systems to hatcheries worldwide, from standalone machinery to the world’s largest turnkey projects.



Vinovo provides the latest revolutionary techniques on hatchery automation. Vinovo introduces the Select Line, a product line that revolutionises the process of egg handling in the transfer area of a hatchery.


Viscon Fresh Produce

Viscon Fresh Produce specializes in the delicate care of fresh produce. Packing areas can be designed by Viscon to process fresh produce with great care and optimal efficiency. Our passion and expertise is to create a high quality premium packed product for the growers customer.


Viscon Hydroponics

Viscon Hydroponics specializes in the first fully automatic deep water culture system. The company expertise in young plant technology adds to the effectiveness and success of the hydroponic system.


Visser Horti Systems

Since 1967, Visser Horti Systems has designed and manufactured machines and complete production lines for both large and small horticultural nurseries. By maintaining a continuous dialogue with growers, Visser is able to supply a range of products that are perfectly geared to the needs of the market and effectively meet the most stringent customer requirements.



ViVi is a fully controlled growing system for young plants and finished product. ViVi is a patented system which produces 100% clean, 100% safe and 100% secure plants and produce.The ViCabin is a turnkey system in which everything the plant needs is controlled, both in the cabin and in the tray. This multi layer growing system is different from any other controlled system, due to the patented foil which covers every tray. The foil provides you the cleanest growing system in the world!



The Agro and Food sector has many special requirements regarding conveyors due to hygiene regulations and demanding circumstances. MyConveyor specializes in these requirements and provides any company with a wide range of conveyors suited for their specific product and industry. Our wide range of standard conveyors can be applied to a specific process and therefore, a fitting cost effective solution can be provided. Our conveyor systems are designed for maximum flexibility and easy integration.



Unifortes specilizes in cleaning technology in Agro and Food production companies. In the areas of Agro & Food, hygiene is extremely important and an excellent cleaning result is an absolute requirement. We offer turn-key solutions for handling the entire washing process. Our product range varies from stand-alone crate washers to the turnkey delivery of a fully automated washing and handling plant.


Viscon Industrials

Viscon Industrials is a partner in product carriers. Viscon Group specializes in engineering solutions and therefore also partners with customers in search for a perfect product carrier. What crate, punnet, tray, box or pot is ideal for an optimal efficient production process with minimum downtime? What carrier flows through your entire organisation without unnecessary interruptions? A working production line is important, but a match with the product carrier is a challenge that needs to be addressed just as seriously.



Viscon Group introduces her new retail division: AimFresh! A new company focusing on innovative ideas for packaging and accessories for plants, & fresh produce in retail online and in stores. Why? We believe fresh products make life better, but they could shine more in stores and in homes. AimFresh is about fresh, but with a sparkle!



Visser Horti Systems (part of Viscon Group) has over 50 years of experience with the automation of nurseries worldwide. Visser translated all their knowledge and experience for growers in emerging economies, resulting in a ‘green toolbox’. This green toolbox contains everything a beginning grower needs to start a high quality young plant nursery with smart technology.


Viscon Logistics Control

Viscon Logistics Control is the one company in the Viscon Group that is 100% about software. A 100% focus on intelligent software designs to connect our equipment to our customers resource planning software.