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Revolutionary Feather-Sexing Solution: VISCON and TARGAN Announce Commercial Collaboration

Partnership expands global awareness and accessibility of TARGAN systems

Raleigh, NC and ‘s-Gravendeel, Netherlands — January 31, 2024 — TARGAN, Inc. (TARGAN) and Viscon Hatchery Automation B.V. (VISCON)  today announced a partnership agreement for distribution and service of the TARGAN WingScanTM system across selected markets.

“VISCON is one of the market leaders in intelligent automation solutions for hatcheries worldwide. Technology like VISCON’s Live Embryo Detection and in ovo vaccination system is helping make innovative leaps in the industry,” said Ramin Karimpour, founder and CEO at TARGAN. “This partnership marks a significant step forward, propelling   TARGAN’s WingScanTM  system into new geographical markets.”

Utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-speed vision systems, the TARGAN WingScanTM  system enables poultry producers to chick feather sex, achieving up to 98% accuracy, at a rate of 100,000 per hour per system. The system’s efficiency and reliability result in substantial time and labor cost savings for poultry integrators as well as increased animal performance and a more sustainable process for the food supply chain.

“The TARGAN WingScanTM   system is an important addition to our hatchery automation portfolio. It will enable our worldwide customer base to deliver the day old broiler chicks gender specific with minimum labor requirements. Separating male and female broiler birds, enhances efficiency throughout the supply chain by optimizing house capacity, improving overall FCR, and reducing variation in the processing plant,” said Bas Smaal, Commercial Director at Viscon Hatchery Automation.

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