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Two state-of-the-art hatcheries for Inghams Australia

Inghams Group has taken the next step as frontrunners in the Australian poultry industry. As of last year, not one but two state-of-the-art hatcheries have been completed and are fully operational. At Viscon, we are proud to contribute by delivering the hatchery automation for these facilities.


Inghams hatchery automation Australia 1
Inghams hatchery automation Australia 2

Images: Inghams Group Ltd.


Live embryo detection & early feeding techniques

Both hatcheries operate with ‘Early Feeding’ techniques through the HatchCare system, which provides chicks with feed, fresh water, and light immediately after hatching. This provides a tremendous health boost for the chicks, as the first day after hatching is vital for growth and strength.

Furthermore, the facilities are equipped with our cutting-edge ‘Live Embryo Detection’ technology. The machine detects which eggs have living embryos and which don’t, allowing them to be separated as early as possible. This way, Inghams is not only compliant but exceeds the strict bio-security standards of animal safety and welfare.

The hatchery in Pakenham, Victoria, was opened first at the beginning of last year. Fully automated, this facility can reach a maximum capacity of 1.9 million chicks per week. The second hatchery is located in Muckenburra, West Australia, with a maximum capacity of 1 million chicks per week.

For more information on our hatchery automation, as well as the latest in egg detection and vaccination, check out our poultry solutions. If you are interested in or have inquiries about this project, feel free to contact Nick van de Zande.

The local expertise of our colleagues at Viscon Group Australia ensured a smooth installation and cooperation between all parties involved. If you have any inquiries specifically for the Australian & New Zealand area, you can also reach out to Michael van den Heuvel (Sales Manager Australia).


Global Sales Manager | Europe, Middle East & Australia

Nick van de Zande

michael vd heuvel
National Sales Manager | Hatchery & Medicinal Crops

Michael van den Heuvel

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