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Partners in protection

Vinovo collaborates with MSD Animal Health to champion bird health with efficient, integrated in ovo processes, delivering peace of mind from the first heartbeat.


Synergistic collaboration

This synergistic collaboration brings together MSD Animal Health’s broad vaccine portfolio with in ovo vaccination technology from Vinovo to provide a new standard in safe and effective in ovo vaccination, thereby improving bird welfare, reducing vaccine reactions and providing greater protection for the birds.

Our united expertise empowers you to:

Vaccine portfolio

MSD Animal Health’s vaccine portfolio delivers superior, long-term disease protection against infectious poultry diseases. Through rigorous research and development, it develops new ways to optimize flock protection and increase production efficiency.

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Vaccination technology

Vinovo takes in ovo vaccination to a new level through the integration of a set of innovative machines. These machines detect and separate the viable embryos from the non-viable embryos, vaccinates the living embryos and transfers the vaccinated eggs to the hatchers.

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Support & Training 

Vinovo & MSD Animal Health provides support and training to help you and your team get the most out of your protection program. Advice on storage and preparation, as well as operating and maintaining vaccination equipment enhances program effectiveness.


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