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Fully Automated

Matrix storage system

The MATRIX is a fully automatic storage system for pallets and other unit loads. Engineered to make optimal use of your building. Storage with MATRIX stands out for its compactness and short throughput times. Ideal for production and distribution, especially in industrial production and food industries.

  • High density storage
  • High pallet throughput
  • Ideal as Buffer Storage for production
Bart Kunst | Commercial Director

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Storage Buffer:
Connecting production & distribution

MATRIX is ideal as buffer storage application for incoming and outgoing goods in production facilities. Use Matrix to store your packaging materials, raw materials and finished goods. As a system integrator, we even provide all related handling systems to connect the storage system to your production lines, picking stations and loading docks.

Make optimal use of your building

Storage with MATRIX stands out for its compactness and it’s up to 70% more space-efficient compared to traditional storage systems. The system is highly suitable for existing buildings and simply scalable for any greenfield project. The system can grow to meet demands by adding storage levels, shuttles and lifts.

Complete Package:
Hardware, software & integration

We design the system, integrate all equipment and software and hand over a seamlessly working process. Having our own material handling and software solutions makes us agile and we can adapt to client needs. Our Factory Intelligence platform provides real-time traceability and allows for quick response time. Read more…


Matrix storage

Fully Automated
Shuttle & Satellite system

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Multiple load carriers

Stores and handles pallets and similar sized products, such as pallet boxes, bins, racks, gitter boxes and tray systems.


Single or multi-level

This single or multi-level system keeps up with your most demanding peaks and offers the highest storage density.


Ambient to freezing

Operates in -30° to +40°C. Thanks to its charging technology Matrix can be operated in cooling and freezing conditions.

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Bart Kunst | Commercial Director

Let's start your new project together

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