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Breeding & Micropropagation

Cultivation consumables

We provide consumables for the multiplication and rooting of tissue culture, cuttings, seeds and somatic embryos. We deliver a fully controlled growing system that adds value to your tissue culture production and breeding process. Our cultivation consumables offer a revolutionary method to root plants, saving time and space because rooting and hardening happen simultaneously.

  • Guaranteed sterile production
  • Adjustable gas exchange with permeable foil
  • Automation options

"Greenhouse in a box"

Cultivation consumables

The consumables add value to a fully controlled growing system, in which all focus can go out to selecting the best starting material and growing protocol. Our products meet the highest hygiene standards as the separated packaging precludes spreading diseases and the polypropylene products can be provided gamma irradiated.  Grow reliable, local, and sustainable by reducing the risks of growing plants in a conventional greenhouse. The growing consumables are the future greenhouses: enhanced, small, and fully controlled.


ViTray – Rooting & hardening

The key to our system is the ViTray, an innovative semi-closed packaging in which the plants are grown. The plants can develop pre-hardened ex-vitro roots as rooting and hardening of the plants happen simultaneously. Additional watering isn’t necessary during the growing process, reducing infection risks. The ViTray, with its patented double layer of permeable foil, has proven to be one of the best rooting/hardening and transporting solutions on the market.


Plug tray

The substrate tray is available in 24, 48 and 126 insert versions. Different plugs can be used, such as Preforma, Obturo and rockwool. The plugs gradually dehydrate from top to bottom, optimizing rooting stimulation and firmly rooted plants.


Outer Box

The outer box is available in three different heights: 6 cm (2,4"), 9 cm (3,6"), and 12 cm (4,8"). The outer box is filled with liquid media, this can be sterile water or a nutrient solution. The outer box is designed to fit the plug tray perfectly.



The micro openings in the foil regulate water evaporation and gas exchange. Two layers of foil can be used to harden the plants gradually. Depending on the crop, we provide a closed foil, laser-perforated foil, or hot needle fully perforated foil.

ViCup – Multiplication

The ViCup is a multiplication cup that ensures excellent sealing to protect young crops in their first and most critical growth stage of tissue culture production. The multiplication cups vary in size and permeability to match your specific crop varieties. The cups can be used for automated media dispensing, guaranteeing uniform growth and saving time. The ViCup is available in various versions.



We offer multiplication cups that vary in size and permeability. The ViCup Round is known for its easy automation capabilities. The multiplication cups and accompanying lids are available in various heights and diameters.



We offer multiplication cups that vary in size and permeability. The ViCup Rectangular is known for its easy automation capabilities. The multiplication cups and accompanying lids are available in various heights and diameters.


Filter lid

We provide various ViCups with filter lids. Each filter has its own level of gas exchange, which is required for a specific growing protocol for each plant type. It is suitable for plants that tend to vitrify or plants sensitive to ethylene buildup.


The ViVi plugs are filled with a specific mix of organic substrate, and then pasteurized with gamma radiation to achieve a high level of sterility. We offer several recipes ranging from different ratios between peat and coco fiber to different pH and EC values to match your specific rooting needs. We offer several different plugs and can recommend the most suitable one for your specific application.



Rockwool starter plugs are perfect for starting seeds or for rooting clone cuttings. Rockwool is the preferred choice for many growers. We provide rockwool plugs with 5 kGy and 10 kGy for a guaranteed clean production.



Obturo has been developed so that plants can easily produce roots. Roots that spread rapidly through the entire plug for the best growth results. Size, cutting holes and potting compost mixture of the plugs can be tailored to your needs.



Preforma plugs consistently maintains an air content of 30% or more, which means no compaction occurs. This makes for an ideal growing medium, with an optimal environment for uniform and rapid root formation.

Daan Mansveld | Global Sales Manager

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