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Breeding & Micropropagation


Containerized tissue culture lab

The plug-and-play ‘containerized’ tissue culture laboratory creates a low threshold entry into tissue culture production. It has all the benefits of a regular lab combined in three 40ft shipping containers. The lab complies with all phytosanitary requirements thanks to sterile laboratory conditions. It is equipped with areas for preparing media, cutting plants and controlled environment multi-layer propagation.

  • Plug-and-play laboratory
  • High quality, disease-free plants
  • Protocol development & In-house training
Containerized TC lab

Low threshold entry into TC production

Fully functional lab

The lab complies with all phytosanitary requirements thanks to sterile laboratory conditions. The ViCabin is equipped with a kitchen area for preparing media, laminar flow hoods for cutting plants, and a propagation area with a controlled environment multi-layer growing setup.


The containers are set as a plug-and-play system; the only requirements are a flat surface to place the containers and electrical and drainage connections. The lab can be up and running in a matter of weeks and will be delivered entirely turnkey.

TIB System (optional)

One of the key components in the ViLab is using smart-tech equipment, such as the Temporary Immersion Bioreactor system. In the TIB system, all plantlets are immersed in the nutrient solution in single-use bottles without having to stick them manually in media like agar. This vastly reduces labor compared to traditional methods.


One of our added services is that we provide full training for your staff. This makes it possible to start without any knowledge about tissue culture. The staff will be trained during a 3-month crash course at the lab in The Netherlands so that you can run a plant laboratory and produce high-quality, disease-free plants on your own.

Daan Mansveld | Global Sales Manager

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