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Breeding & Micropropagation

ViCabin & ViTrolley

Climate chamber & LED trolley

The ViCabin is a climate chamber in which humidity, temperature and CO2 values can be set to achieve accurate and uniform growing conditions. The ViTrolley has diffused LED panels that create the ideal light spectrum, climate, and day-night rhythm for your plants. This accelerates the propagation process and helps you achieve more uniform, better-quality plants.

  • Large growth area per square meter
  • Highly accurate controlled environment
  • Adjustable light spectrum and intensity
Laminar airflow technology

Create the ideal environment


The ViCabin is a climate room controlled by a patented laminar flow technology. This technique forces air through the large contact surface radiators. This creates a high air velocity that can be fully controlled and allows section-controlled cooling.


The ViCabins guarantee uniform growth because the climate differences inside the cabin are controlled to a minimum. The ViCabins enable optimal conditions for your plants year-round by excluding the influence of external factors. The growing chambers protect the plants from non-ideal weather conditions, plant diseases, and light pollution. The ViCabins are highly energy-efficient with minimal energy usage. It is possible to make micro-adjustments throughout the cultivation process.

Increase plant uniformity, plant quality and accelerate production


Parameters: humidity, temperature, light and CO2 values



As a key part of your plant growth facility, our ViTrolleys with diffused LED panels are a plug-and-play solution and are fully compatible with our climate-controlled growing chambers. The trolleys are equipped with a unique light plex for optimal light distribution, cooling ribs for optimal cooling of the LEDs, and an ultra-thin layer thickness of 9mm to create the largest growth area per square meter.

Diffused LED Panels

The LED strips are hidden on the sidebars inside the panels, sending light waves through the panel with the help of a large reflector. The diffuse panel guides the reflected lights to help distribute the light better. Since the LED strips are on the sides of the ViTrolleys, the generated heat is kept to a minimum, creating a stable environment.

Light spectrum

We provide a variety of spectrum combinations that work for different stages of plant growth and crop-specific requirements. The ViTrolley is available in standard spectra, but we can tailor-make the LED spectrum according to your needs. The ViTrolleys provide an outcome up to 180 μmol/m²/s using only 3,25 μmol/watt.

Connect and Control

The light schedules and intensities can be controlled automatically when the ViTrolleys are used in combination with the climate chambers. The ViTrolleys can also be used as a stand-alone model with a separate power and control box. The Vitrolley is a plug-and-play solution with an easy and reliable connection.

Daan Mansveld | Global Sales Manager

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Fully controlled environment

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