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Viscon specializes in the delicate care of fruit & vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and onions. Viscon offers the most effective automation solutions for all steps in the fruit and vegetables production. From young plant propagation, post-harvest packing & storage to delivery of retail-ready product.

Complete packing areas are designed by Viscon to process fresh produce carefully and with optimal precision. Viscon is also known for its young plant automation and revolutionary controlled multi-layer propagation systems. Together with our software division, we also provide all the software necessary to control the entire process and provide full traceability management.

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Young plant production

Through our division Visser Horti Systems we offer turnkey automation solutions for the cultivation of various young vegetable plants. We also provide complete tissue culture laboratories for the micropropagation of plants.

We offer propagation and automation solutions for all types of starting materials and growing media like rockwool and coco peat. Our solutions range from seeding, transplanting and internal transport systems to grafting lines and highly specialized grading lines for the production of high quality young plants.

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Vertical farming

Viscon offers sustainable and clean multi-layer growing solutions for microgreens and baby leaves. Our vertical farming solutions will help you utilize space more efficiently in a controlled environment.

The ViVi Verte system offers you the opportunity to grow lettuce and other leafy greens in the final packaging itself. The entire process is automated, and takes place in a climate chamber with the use of LED-lights.

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Deep water cultivation

Viscon has developed a scalable deep water culture system for growing crops, like herbs, cabbage and lettuce.

We can fully control and automate the cultivation process, including young plant production, growing on deep water and harvesting. With  Viscon Hydroponics the level of automation can be adjusted to your needs. From a fully automated system to manually controlled.

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Post-harvest, packing & storage

Viscon specializes in offering total logistic solutions for post-harvest processes of fruit and vegetables.

Complete packing areas are designed by Viscon to process fresh produce carefully and with optimal precision. Viscon offers a wide range of harvesting, grading, processing, weighing, packing, palletizing, and warehousing systems, including all customized additional material handling solutions.

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Industrial crate washing

Viscon offers smart cleaning solutions. Through our division Unifortes we supply fully automated washing systems for product carriers, such as crates and pallets, and include all material handling linked to the process.

Designing an optimal crate flow is key when crates need to be cleaned and handled by the hundreds and thousands per hour. At Viscon, we create fully automated cleaning solutions that let you focus on your core business.

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Traceability & control software

As part of our integrated solution, Viscon’s Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management of your entire logistical process.

This next generation of software intelligently integrates all automation functions. It offers product traceability and unlocks performance optimization. This allows our customers to get the most out of their production facility. The software incorporates the functionality of MES, WCS and WMS and can be integrated with existing systems such as ERP.

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Fully integrated solution

Based on your operations, facility and preferences our engineers design the optimal logistics flow. We use standard components, which can easily be modified and scaled up. We can offer this flexibility thanks to our in-house engineering, production and software capabilities.

We take care of the total project management from concept to commissioning. It’s about the integration of equipment into a complete system. Powered by software that creates higher efficiency and performance of your facility.

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