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Hatchery automation

Integrated hatchery solutions

Beginning in the 1990’s, Viscon Hatchery Automation has grown and developed with the industry and today stands as one of the market leaders in intelligent automation solutions for broiler, layer and breeder hatcheries worldwide.

With our pragmatic approach, outstanding engineering capacity and global service network, Viscon Hatchery Automation is geared to deliver standalone equipment, expand existing facilities or develop some of the world’s largest greenfields hatcheries.

Our expertise

Hatchery expertise

Hatchery layout
design & consulting

Based on on our expertise, we can provide you with most efficient, bio-secure and capacity-enhancing hatchery workflow. Taking into account ease of future expansion.

Hatchery expertise

Future proof

Our automation solutions do not only improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but incorporate animal welfare, bio-security, disease prevention and traceability.

Hatchery expertise

Life-cycle services

At Viscon, we continue to work with you throughout the life cycle of the system. It’s all about maximizing the reliability, uptime and profit of your investment.

Hatchery Automation

Maximize hatchery performance

Hatchery Automation

Live Embryo Detection

Hatchery Automation

In ovo vaccination

Hatchery Automation

Maximize Hatchery Performance

Hatchery Automation

Chick processing

Hatchery Automation

Maximize hatchery performance

Hatchery Automation

Hygienic workflow

Our solutions

Egg handling

Every hatchery aims to fully utilize the hatching potential of the eggs that enter its facility. This can only be achieved when the incoming eggs are held under optimum conditions till the moment they are placed in the incubator. These optimum conditions are created by a proper hygiene level, good storage conditions and delicate handling in the egg room.

From the start we design the entire egg room to create an efficient and hygienic workflow. Based on the daily volume, we provide grading and labour saving machinery to quickly, efficiently and carefully process the eggs according to your specific needs. Our high quality washing machines ensure that trays and trolleys are optimally clean, before returning to the breeder farms.

Product range for egg handling:

  • Egg grading
  • Egg transferring from farm to setter trays
  • Tray transferring from farm to setter trolley
  • (Un)loading of trolleys
  • Internal transportation
  • Waste discharge
  • Cleaning of trays and trolleys

Egg transferring

From the 18th day of the incubation process, eggs are transferred from the setter tray to the hatcher basket. The essence of this procedure is to avoid eggs cooling down or being damaged, which have a negative influence on hatchability. Therefore the transfer process needs to be both quick and gentle. With the current increase of daily production volumes, labour costs and bio-security risks, reliable automation is essential to do this efficient and safe.

The transfer room is the ideal place to collect pre-hatch management data. Our innovation Live Embryo Detection accurately
indicates which eggs contain a living embryo and classifies the non-viable eggs as infertile, early or late dead embryos. These figures are summarized per flock and can be used to predict hatching numbers and monitor the breeding and incubation performance. Exactly knowing the content of each egg, also enables selective processing during in-ovo vaccination, egg transfer and waste discharge.

Product range for egg transferring:

  • Egg grading
  • Live Embryo Detection / Traditional egg candling
  • In ovo vaccination
  • Egg transferring from setter trays to hatcher baskets
  • Stacking and loading of hatcher baskets and dollies
  • Automatic storage for setter trays and trolleys
  • Internal transportation
  • Waste discharge
  • Cleaning trays and trolleys
TREGG hatchery software

In Ovo vaccination

Vinovo takes in ovo vaccination to a new level through the integration of a set of innovative machines. These machines detect and separate the viable embryos from the non-viable embryos, vaccinates live embryos and transfers the vaccinated viable eggs to the hatchery. Together, this technology provides the process and technique to work towards better protected and healthier birds.


Viscon Hatchery Automation

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Chick processing

When processing day old chicks, many important factors need to be taken in to account to maintain chick quality. The daily production volume and the available time frame demand in many cases a high throughput. On the other hand delicate chick handling is required to conform with the high standards of animal welfare. Precision and accuracy during additional operations such as gender sorting, vaccination and counting require special attention as well. Optimal working conditions of employees and collection of production data are a necessity in a modern hatchery.

With an efficient, space-saving and hygienic workflow combined with high quality automation, you are more capable of controlling these important factors. With automation you reduce the need for hatchery staff and improve chick handling. Ergonomic work positions and dust reduction systems creates a better work environment for the employees and reduces labour absence. Automated data collection from workstations and chick counters gives a clear sight of production figures and employer performance.

Product range for chick processing:

  • Unloading and de-stacking of hatcher baskets and dollies
  • Dust / fluff reduction
  • Chick separation
  • Chick conveying, grading and counting
  • Gender sorting (carousel and linear)
  • Subcutaneous and spray vaccination equipment
  • Loading of chick transport trolleys
  • Humane chick culling

Cleaning & Storage

Each production cycle the product carriers (eg. setter trays, hatcher baskets, etc.) need to be cleaned, dried and stored to be re-used again the following production day. To prevent cross contamination the cleaning and drying results needs to be optimal, but also the products flow should be hygienic. Energy and water usage are a substantial cost factor in the daily operation of a hatchery in which an efficient cleaning solution can make a difference.

Our hatchery design avoids physical crossing of dirty and clean products by separating pre-soak, washing and clean storage areas. This reduces the risk of cross contamination. High quality industrial washing machines are available in various models with capacities ranging from 200 to 3.000 products per hour. Efficient heat exchangers and an optimal water re-circulation system gives the best washing result against the lowest usage of energy and water. We apply product specific air re-circulation dryers with water recuperation, which efficiently dries the products and reduces water usage.

Product range for cleaning and storage:

  • Pre-soaking
  • Cleaning & drying of all hatchery products
  • Stacking and de-stacking
  • Automatic storage and supply

Waste handling

A sustainable, hygienic and cost effective handling of waste is an increasing challenge for a modern hatchery operation. We provide different solutions to discharge, separate and store the different types of waste for resource recovery or disposal.

Product range for waste handling:

  • Collection of infertile eggs
  • Fluff / dust reduction
  • Tray and crate tipping
  • Humane unhatched embryo and chick culling
  • Vacuum discharge of debris
  • Central storage of waste
TREGG hatchery software

Traceability & Intelligence software

TREGG Intelligence Software has been designed for greater hatchery and business intelligence. Aiding in the operational and strategic planning in real-time and to ensure reliability and oversight across the production floor. TREGG analysis of data provides the hatchery with 4 pillars of control:

  • Flock performance
  • Machine performance
  • Traceability
  • Serviceability

The collection and analysis of data can be more easily managed and shared through the possibility of integrating with other top-level software systems. The overall hatchery’s performance will be improved and areas of improvement can be much more easily identified and greater awareness is achieved through the advanced capabilities of TREGG.

We believe chick health
starts before hatch.

In ovo vaccination

Viscon expertise

Viscon is able to deliver automation solutions for any process from egg receival to day old chick delivery. We take care of the total project management from layout-design to commissioning, including service and training support.

With a flexible approach, Viscon can adapt each and every component of its hatchery automation processes to any incubator brand and configuration found on the market today.

Viscon’s automation solutions do not only improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, but incorporate animal welfare, bio-security and hygiene, disease prevention and traceability to contribute to the success of our customers.


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