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Automation solutions for
young tree production

Viscon Plant Technology supplies everything required for the automated production of young trees: filling, seeding, grading, waxing and packing lines. We specialize in breeding solutions and can automate every step of the process, whether you grow from seeds or embryos.

We have developed special trays, filling and seeding machines and vision transplanters for the production of young trees. A waxing system can be implemented to protect young trees from insects. Automated packing lines help to gain efficiency in your production process.

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Viscon Plant Technology

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Our solutions

Breeding solutions

Using somatic embryos as the start of your tree production has many advantages. By implementing our automation solutions, we offer you the possibility to scale up and improve every stage of production.

breeding solutions

Forestry nursery automation

Automation machinery for the production of young trees, from disinfection of trays to tray filling, seeding, irrigation, transplanting, vision grading and internal transport systems.


Waxing & Packing

We provide an environmentally friendly method to protect trees from notorious pine weevils. We have developed an innovative waxing system that offers 100% coverage of the stems and uses minimum wax. This high-capacity waxing line is equipped with a packing line and can wax & pack 5,000 plants per hour.

Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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