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In warehousing and distribution facilities, products are received, stored and prepared for distribution. Fast and predictable throughput of products is needed to answer increasing demand and rising service expectations.

Viscon provides automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and all connected material handling solutions to efficiently run your operation. Our intelligent software platform integrates all automation equipment, allowing complete control of your facility. We take pride in developing what you need based on our portfolio of solutions.

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Storage systems

Viscon provides automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) for warehousing and distribution centres. Using sophisticated modules, we are able to create solutions that are easy to adapt to every building, or can be integrated into every logistical challenge.

For pallet or bin storage Viscon offers the Matrix storage system, which is based on automatic shuttle warehousing technology. Mini-load storage systems are available for product carriers such as boxes and crates.

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WCS & WMS software

As part of our integrated solution, Viscon’s Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management of your entire logistical process.

This next generation of software intelligently integrates all automation functions. It offers product traceability and unlocks performance optimization. This allows our customers to get the most out of their production facility. The software incorporates the functionality of MES, WCS and WMS and can be integrated with existing systems such as ERP.

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Crate & box handling

The experience of Viscon in material handling covers practically every part of the process connected with the handling of crates, boxes and other types of similar sized product carriers.

Viscon provides a diverse range of handling and transportation systems in processes like conveying, (de)stacking, (un)loading, box folding, crate unfolding, sorting, order picking, storage and palletizing.

Pallet handling

Viscon provides solutions for the handling, transportation and storage of pallets. Viscon offers a wide portfolio of palletizing machines, from ‘semi’ automatic to sophisticated multi-load palletizing machines.

The palletizing systems can be integrated with pallet strapping and stretch foil wrapping systems to protect and secure loads for transportation, making processes faster and more productive.

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Order picking & packing

Based on the type of project and customer preferences, we determine the right order picking process.

We offer a goods to person solution and can incorporate other systems if needed. Also for packing solutions, we determine your needs and advise the right equipment.


Viscon designs, produces and integrate robotic solutions. Depending on the unique needs for the project, we create tailor made solutions in-house and/or together with selected partners.

Examples of Viscon’s robotic applications include: pick & place systems, palletization and depalletization of various products, order picking, case packing, loading and unloading, etc.


AGV and AMR systems can be used for a wide variety of material handling activities. We work with selected partners to supply the hardware for Automatically Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR).

We plug the hardware in our in-house developed intelligent software that will have the same base and structure as the rest of our system solutions. This means we can deliver a fully integrated solution, all controlled by one software system.


The right conveyor system can improve a line’s efficiency and productivity. With our vast experience and broad portfolio of conveyor systems, we can specify the best solution for our customers.

Viscon provides belt, roller and chain conveyors for product carriers such as, pallets, boxes and crates. Available in different materials such as aluminum, steel and stainless steel, as well as curved and spiral conveyors.

Fully integrated solution

Based on your operations, facility and preferences our engineers design the optimal logistics flow. We use standard components, which can easily be modified and scaled up. We can offer this flexibility thanks to our in-house engineering, production and software capabilities.

We take care of the total project management from concept to commissioning. It’s about the integration of equipment into a complete system. Powered by software that creates higher efficiency and performance of your facility.

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