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Our expertise

Agro & Food

Automation technology

Viscon provides machine automation, software and integrated solutions to make Agro&Food processes more sustainably profitable, scalable and easy.

As a system integrator, we build machines but moreover we build integrations. Our software enables full control and management of your production facility, seamlessly integrating all automation equipment.

Viscon Factory Intelligence

Automation, Robotics and Software

More about software

System integration
& Intelligence software

We believe in fully designing and building your production process. Our extensive experience in each market we operate in enables us to understand the operations, opportunities and challenges. This enables us to make the best possible production layouts for your company.

We design and build the entire process, combining Viscon automation with specific equipment sourced from carefully selected partners. This means you will always find the best solution. With Viscon you have access to a one-stop-shop. We design, we build and we fully integrate. We even add intelligent software helping you to control, manage and scale your business.

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