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Cutting strip for automated transplanting



AutoStix is a revolutionary system to automate the process of sticking cuttings. It is a method that has been developed with the biggest cutting producers worldwide to increase the efficiency of your nursery significantly. The system consists of a patented transplanter and the compatible AutoStix® Strip. The unique patented strip and tray complete the design and create a turnkey solution. The cuttings harvested from the mother stock can be directly stuck in the AutoStix® Strip.

The AutoStix® Strip is a product that degrades over time. The strip has been designed to enhance and guide the development of the root system. Moreover, the strip can hold cuttings with different stem diameters by maintaining a firm grip on every stem without damaging the soft tissue of the plant.

The design of the AutoStix® Strip enables dense stacking for transportation while still providing ample air space for each stem. This enhances the quality of the process. The cuttings can be shipped efficiently to the nursery, where they can be processed and grown. Three types of strips are available: 34 counts, 51 counts, and the Multimedia strip. The unique Multimedia strip is designed to fill its plugs with any media. The rooting process of cuttings can take place inside the plug, providing growers with another revolution in automatic transplanting!

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