Visser, ViVi, and Aimfresh are now thriving together as Viscon Plant Technology

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Vision grading

Predictability of production, particularly grading the quality and quantity of your plants, is essential for future business operations. Over the last decade, image recognition techniques have found their way into the greenhouse industry. Viscon's many years of experience in image recognition systems in greenhouse horticulture in virtually all cultivations has resulted in the most versatile line of image recognition systems for the greenhouse industry.

Viscon has developed various vision systems for assessing the properties of young plants. Using high-resolution 360 cameras, we can effectively and reliably grade plants into categories. From inspecting trays and making them uniform, grading young plants in trays to grading pot plants. Grading can be based on many criteria, such as volume, height, color, number of flowers, etc., while ensuring that the capacity matches your needs.

Plant grading and sorting are done with high speed and accuracy to create maximum efficiency. All settings can be programmed and stored on the computer-based on your specific requirements. Advanced servo-driven gripper technology is applied to ensure minimal plant damage. All our machines can be easily integrated into new or existing production systems.

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