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Transplanting machines

Excellent flexibility, sufficient capacity, ease of operation, and a perfect planting result are the most important characteristics that automatic transplanting machines should have. We have more than 25 years of expertise in automated planting operations. We offer a wide range of models for both small and large nurseries. Low change-over times, a high degree of reliability, and capacities up to as high as 35,000 plants per hour characterize the high quality of our planting machines.

Transplanting plugs is a very delicate business. Due to the advanced operation of our patented plant grippers, damage, even to vulnerable plants such as Begonia and St. Paulia, is reduced to a minimum while obviating the need for expensive plant-lifting mechanisms for the trays. Programming a completely new source and destination tray or pot has been smartly simplified to the highest degree imaginable, making it possible for several transplanting models to create any conceivable plant combination with the press of a button.

Visser transplanters are known for their robustness. Many old-timers still do their job like on the first day. Meanwhile, we have teched up our new transplanters quite a bit. Wireless + grippers, servo-controlled software, and grading systems give our transplanting machines everything you want in a modern-day transplanter. We build our transplanters modularly so they fit into your (existing) machine line.

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