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Harvesting machine for indoor grown crops

Crop harvester

Experience the future of crop harvesting with our innovative machine, setting new standards for efficiency and productivity in indoor farming! Specifically designed for harvesting crops grown on trays, floats, rafts or gutters, making it ideal for indoor farming and CEA facilities!

  • High capacity and precision
  • Control operations through Siemens touchscreen interface
  • Fully integrated solution
Crop harvester

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Harvesting with high capacity & precision

Equipped with two rotating cutting discs, this harvesting machine ensures precise and clean cutting patterns, allowing for multiple harvests of the product. The upright feeding mechanism ensures neat presentation and efficient processing. With its high capacity and precision, this fully automatic harvesting machine guarantees exceptional performance.

Achieve full automation

The harvesting machine can be seamlessly integrated into a fully automated harvesting line or function as a standalone unit, providing flexibility for different production setups. Viscon provides automation solutions that cover every aspect of your production process. Meaning, from young plant production to harvesting & packing, and all logistic movements in between. Our software platform integrates all automation equipment, allowing complete control of your facility. Control & operation through a Siemens touchscreen interface.

Crop Harvester

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