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Automated pot and tray handling

Space-O-Mat System

The Space-O-Mat system is an efficient solution for transporting pots and trays, and the spacing of pots to reduce labor in the greenhouse. The Space-O-Mat system has become a common concept and has proven itself internationally over the years. Automate your handling process with the Vitoy Forklift and transport and spacing forks.

  • Flexible system
  • Efficient and easy
  • Proven worldwide
Space-O-Mat System

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Buffer belt

The Space-O-Mat line starts with filling the pots automatically. Afterward, the plants will be transported by an output conveyor towards the buffer belt. A custom-made push-over template is used to acquire the precision needed to pick up the pots. The exact positioning of the pots allows for easy pickup.

Vitoy forklift

The Vitoy Forklift is functional in many situations and can be used for transporting pots, moving and loading soil bails and totes, and loading and unloading trucks. The Vitoy is available as either a 3-wheel trike or as a 4-wheel truck version. Both types are available as diesel, LPG, and electric. Read more about the Vitoy Forklift here.

Spacing fork

The spacing fork is used for spacing pots from high to lower densities. The pots are placed in a staggered pattern to utilize available space efficiently. The distance between the pots will be set at the Space-O-Mat control box. To ensure the required positioning, the speed of the chain moves independently from the forklift.

Transport fork – pots

The transport fork can be used for transporting pots. Different forks can be used for various pot sizes. The clamping device ensures that the pots stay in place while driving with the truck. Combined with the Vitoy, the system is suitable for both indoor concrete floors and outdoor container fields.

Transport fork – trays

The tray fork can be used to transport trays throughout the greenhouse. The clamping device ensures that the trays stay in place while driving with the truck. The clamping device locks the trays at the front end of the fork and stabilizes all trays in the fork. This enhances the efficiency of your logistic process.


Fully Automated
Pot and tray handling

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