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Soil handling


The Buz-Mix is an automatic soil mixing machine. It can mix different types of soil and can be used for adding fertilizers and perlite. The Buz-Mix is a charge mixing machine that can be filled with 1000 liters of substrate.

  • Mix soil with fertilizer or perlite
  • Add water to the mix
  • Efficient & compact mixing
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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The Buz-Mix is equipped with one ax with spades that mix the substrate with the added fertilizer or perlite. The mixing shaft is driven by one motor at the side of the machine. An optional timer can adjust the mixing time to shut off the engine after the set time. A sprinkler line is mounted at the top of the machine so water can be added to the substrate. This sprinkler line can also be equipped with a timer, so a specific volume of water is added at the preset intervals. After mixing, the slide can be opened, after which the soil will get out of the mixer by rotating the shaft. The optional level control can ensure the machine stops when the hopper is full.

All dibbling and drilling units can be utilized, both short-side leading and long-side leading. This ensures all types of trays are compatible with the machines and that high capacity is guaranteed. Equipped with a switch box with a programmable digital display allows for easy adjustments. This makes for a smooth operation. The Buz-Mix is avilable in 500L and 1000L version.

Mix soil with fertilizer or perlite

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