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Multi-layer growing


D-Light is a cultivation trolley that can be used for production or research and development purposes. The D-Light trolley contains six different layers, which bring you a plug-and-play solution for trials of different light spectrums. D-Light provides you with options for plant production: germination, young plant production, buffering of cuttings and finished plants.

  • Test different light spectrums on every layer
  • Layers can be adjusted to every height
  • Light intensity is adjustable per layer
Aqua D-light

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Multi-layer growing solutions

Aqua D-light

D-Light is available as a stand-alone unit or with an innovative watering system: Aqua D-Light. Aqua D-Light provides you with an automatic system to water plants based on ebb and flow. Ensuring an easy and effective way to provide your plants with a sufficient amount of water.


For even more control we offer the ViTrolley. A trolley with diffused LED panels which creates the ideal light spectrum. It is designed to use with the ViCabin; our fully controlled climate chamber.

Climate chamber & LED Trolley

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Aqua D-light

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