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Watering & Spraying


The VWS is a fully automatic overhead irrigation and spraying system for young plant nurseries. Each bay has a fixed boom with an advanced software control system to carry out your watering strategy automatically. This watering system is known for its proven horizontal hose guiding system.

  • Fully automatic
  • Fixed boom per bay
  • Programmable settings per section
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The VWS is an irrigation boom with fixed beams installed in each bay. It is available in two configurations; the VWS-I runs on a single pipe, and the VWS-II runs on a double pipe. The boom generally drives over two pipes in the bay in case of a high bay width or when stability during irrigation is highly required. The watering boom can run on the existing heating pipes for easy installation. The height of the boom above the crop can be adjusted.

The automatic system takes care of the supply of power and water. Due to the presence of a fixed watering boom per bay, it is possible to water all areas in a short time. As a result of the high capacity, this proven system is very well applicable for seeds and plants which require regular watering.

The system consists of a boom with a drive unit, a planet for guiding and tensioning the hose, and special hangers on which the pipe for driving is mounted. It includes support rollers for the hose and a guiding system for a steel wire for traction of the planet. The irrigation boom carries a Dosatron and a 10-liter tank for fertilizer solution. The watering boom has high flexibility as it has a valve for every pipe, e.g., watering pipes, spray pipes, and plant protection liquid pipes.

Advanced Software control

Climate control

Software integration

The watering boom can be integrated with existing climate control software programs. When it receives a specific signal (for example, the natural light level rises above a certain level, etc.), the watering boom starts watering.

Control software

Preset programs

Advanced software is used in the computer control system. This allows you to carry out multiple commands, e.g., water table 2 and supply table 23 with plant protection. The watering boom can also be operated and monitored on the computer.

Viscon Connect


Viscon Connect is a high-end connectivity service designed to offer easy remote access to your watering booms on-site. Our service technicians provide maintenance by quickly analyzing and resolving possible issues remotely.

Technical specifications

1 or 2

Number of rails


Max house length


Max house width




Height rail-product

Fully automated fixed beam

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