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The Spray-O-Matic is a fully automatic spraying system. This battery-driven unit is provided with a clean water tank, spraying boom, dosing unit, and control panel. A transport trolley automatically transfers the unit from bay to bay. Thanks to the battery, no extra hoses and cables are required.

  • Fully automatic
  • Including transport trolley
  • No hoses or cables required
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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The Spray-O-Matic is a fully automatic spraying system. It is the most economical and versatile application for spraying your crops. The Spray-O-Matic is known for its low water consumption, thanks to its special spraying nozzles. A tank with liquids is positioned on the boom, which means that the excessive use of cables is no longer required.

Besides the fully automatic version, our extensive range of spraying systems also consists of a semi-automatic configuration of the Spray-O-Matic. The semi-automatic configuration requires the transport trolley to be manually transferred from bay to bay.

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Fully automatic spraying system

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