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Watering & Spraying

Irrispray Omega

The Irrispray Omega is a transportable overhead irrigation and spraying system. The watering boom will automatically run the set program when positioned in the bay. It is semi-automatic as the overhead transfer trolley can be manually transported from bay to bay via the central path. The watering boom can move to both sides of the path.

  • Semi automatic
  • Transfer by overhead system in center path
  • Programmable settings per section
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Irrispray Omega

The Irrispray Omega is a portable system for watering and spraying applications. When the boom is positioned in the bay, the boom will automatically run the set program. The watering boom can move to both sides of the path. An optional dosing unit can be installed, including a Dosatron, an electric-driven mixer and an additional tank to apply crop protection and pesticides. The boom height above your crops is adjustable to the crop height for consistent watering of each sector.

The Irrispray Omega consists of a driving unit that will drive over one or two pipes in the bay. The Irrispray Omega is semi-automatic, as transportation from bay to bay is manual. The system uses an overhead transfer driving over two pipes above the central path. This creates spaces on the path since it is a hanging system. Using the extra pipes on the transfer trolley, the watering boom can be transferred from the left side of the path to the right side. The Irrispray Omega is also available in a fully automatic version.

Using a manual turning device, the gantry can be turned 180 degrees while the trolley remains in its position. The Irrispray Omega uses magnets to detect whether the end of the rails has been reached. The rails may either be existing heating pipes or steel galvanized pipes. The Irrispray Omega has a water-driven dosing pump. A hose assembly guided through hose carriers will feed the drive unit and the watering boom.

Technical specifications

1 or 2

Number of rails


Max house length


Max house width




Height rail-product

Hanging system creates space on the path

Why choose the Irrispray Omega?

Runs on our existing heating pipes!

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