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Watering & Spraying

Irrispray Auto

The Irrispray Auto is a fully automatic irrigation and spraying system. The Irrispray Auto is automatically transported from bay to bay via an overhead transport trolley. A horizontal hose system supplies power, water, and crop protection. Different watering programs can be programmed with advanced optional PC software control.

  • Fully automatic
  • Waters and sprays multiple bays
  • Programmable settings per section
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Irrispray Auto

The Irrispray Auto is an automatic irrigation and spraying system that can be automatically transported from house to house using an overhead-transport trolley. This fully automated system has optimal efficiency thanks to the ability to customize programs in advance. This limits the number of human actions required, allowing you to leave the greenhouse during operation.

This fully automated watering boom can treat your crop without an operator needed. The installation can be controlled from the switch box mounted on the system’s central station. Using the touch screen, different programs can be installed quickly for spraying and watering each part of your greenhouse. The Wi-Fi-connected control panel allows the watering boom to be operated remotely via a computer in a separate area.

The Irrispray Auto I and II run on one and two pipes in the bay, respectively. The height of the watering boom above your crop is adjustable. A hose assembly will feed the drive unit and the watering boom; the hose will be guided through special hose carriers. The use of magnets will detect the end of the rail. The Irrispray-auto will always start from his home position and is provided with a dosing unit.

Advanced Software control

Climate control

Software integration

The watering boom can be integrated with existing climate control software programs. When it receives a specific signal (for example, the natural light level rises above a certain level, etc.), the watering boom starts watering.

Control software

Preset programs

Advanced software is used in the computer control system. This allows you to carry out multiple commands, e.g., water table 2 and supply table 23 with plant protection. The watering boom can also be operated and monitored on the computer.

Viscon Connect


Viscon Connect is a high-end connectivity service designed to offer easy remote access to your watering booms on-site. Our service technicians provide maintenance by quickly analyzing and resolving possible issues remotely.

Technical specifications

1 or 2

Number of rails


Max house length


Max house width




Height rail-product

Fully automatic transfer creates efficiency

Why choose the Irrispray Auto?

A care free operation!

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