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Internal Transport


The Box-O-Matic is a compact internal transport system for crates and boxes. It is a versatile system that can be used for both high and low product carriers. This system can be used in existing greenhouses without needing a rail system.

  • High versatility
  • Both destacking and stacking
  • No special infrastructure required
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The Box-O-Matic runs with a capacity of 1000 boxes per hour. The system is suitable for destacking and stacking high and low plant-growing boxes. Destacking is done by means of hydraulic cylinders. Loading onto the platform is done using a forklift with a double case clamp. The robust design of the Box-O-Matic ensures a long-life cycle of the machine.

No particular infrastructure or suspended rails are required in your greenhouse. The machine is hydraulic driven and is available in Diesel and Gas. It is operated by a steering wheel and a user-friendly control panel. The operator can sit on either the left or right side for a good overview of the process.

Caterpillar tracks ensure low ground pressure and make the Box-O-Matic suitable for any operation. The max height of boxes is sixteen stacks. The platform is ideal for 2 x 3 stacks of boxes. A capacity of approximately 1000 boxes per hour can be achieved when running uninterrupted production.

Technical specifications


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Internal transport for every existing greenhouse

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