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Plug transplanter

Pic-O-Mat Vision

The Pic-O-Mat Vision is an automatic transplanter equipped with a vision system to ensure 100% good plants will be transplanted. The camera system forms a picture of the plant and grades if the plant meets the selected quality. Smart gripper positioning ensures minimum plant damage.

  • Smart vision technology
  • Transplanting 100% viable young plants
  • Save labour after your transplanter
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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Pic-O-Mat Vision

Multiple cameras are mounted in the machine to determine the quality of the plant. The Pic-O-Mat Vision system automatically determines how to position the grippers so the destination pack will be 100% filled with good plants. Bad plants and empty plugs will be thrown away, and only good plants will be transplanted.

A motor-driven push-up system assists the gripper in picking up the complete plug from the source tray. The plants are being approached from the side by using a side-shift during the pick-up, leading to minimum plant damage. A waste belt is positioned between the two conveyors to remove the bad plugs. The gripper beam is placed under an angle so the plants at the source side can be picked up under an angle.

The computer screen with a user-friendly touch screen lets you see all graded plugs. Simple programming features enable the operator to enter new planting combinations quickly. All planting combinations are possible, including multiple plants per cell/pot/basket. Suitable for cell trays, end packs, and pots in carrying trays. Up to 100 planting combinations can be stored and selected from the simple on-screen menu in seconds.

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