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Granudine seeder

The Granudine seeder is perfect for seeding large amounts of naked or small seeds equally in pots or trays. The Granudine is distinguished by its high capacity and ability to sow various kinds of seed types, such as annuals and herbs.

  • Equal dividing of seeds
  • For naked and very small seeds
  • Seeding in pots & trays
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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Granudine seeder

The Granudine seeder is perfect for seeding naked and very small seeds. Seed species such as Alyssum, Lobelia, different kind of annuals, and herbs are easy to process with the Granudine. The seeder is equipped with a seed hopper, tube divider, and seeding plate. The quickly changeable tube divider guarantees a quick and easy change to another tray size. The seeds are equally divided in the tray or pot via dosing pots.

The Granudine sows a specific volume of seeds per cycle, determined by the hole diameter and thickness of the sowing plate. The variety in the number of seeds is obtained by changing the seeding plate with a model with a different size hole. The Granudine is available for seeding in pots and trays. The seeder is economically viable for low capacity requirements, and expanding the seeder with multiple sowing heads is easy to achieve a higher capacity when needed.

Technical specifications



99 %



min seeds per cell


Max tray size

Perfect for seeding naked seeds

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