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Fully automatic

Roulette XL seeder

The Roulette XL seeder is the most innovative smart seeding solution on the market. This fully automatic drum seeder has a high capacity and precision. The Roulette seeder is equipped with menu-controlled seeding technology. All settings, per tray or seed type, are stored in the computer and can be customized to your specific needs. Both short-side leading (SSL) and long-side leading (LSL) versions are available.

  • High precision with difficult seeds
  • High capacity seeder
  • Get your seeding program in one touch
Michel Tettero
Michel Tettero | Area Sales Manager

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Roulette XL seeder

The Roulette seeder is the latest seeding innovation for improving your horticultural production. The top-of-the-line drum seeder is a fully automatic drum seeder with a high capacity. With a unique drum that can be provided in this machine, even the most difficult seeds, such as Marigold (Tagettes), can be sown at high accuracy of 99%.

All settings, per tray or seed type, are stored in the computer. Including the amount of vacuum needed in the seeding drum, all settings are constantly monitored and controlled for optimum seeding results. All settings can be programmed and saved by the operator using the touch screen display. You can get back to your latest settings in just one touch. The number of programs that can be saved on the computer is unlimited. The modular design of the Roulette allows it to create a complete seeding line with other modular components such as a tray destacker, tray filler, watering tunnel, covering unit, and a tray stacking unit.


  • Separation comb for extra accuracy
  • Servo driven dibbling unit
  • Optional second servo driven sowing set

Technical specifications



99 %



min seed size


max tray size

From naked lettuce seeds to entire hazelnuts!

Why choose the Roulette seeder?

24 vacuum channels for an optimal seeding result

Why choose the Roulette seeder?

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