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Internal transport


The XY system is an internal transport system for placing and picking up boxes, racks, and trays. It provides high flexibility and is specially designed for young plant growers. With this overhead transport system, products in the center of the bay can be picked up just as easily as products in the front or back.

  • High versatility
  • Efficient to operate
  • Fully automated
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The XY system is an overhead transport system for boxes, racks, and trays. It is suitable for the most common bay sizes up to a width of 12.8 meters. The palletizing system can be both semi- and fully automatic. The XY system has four components: it starts with a stacking line and an XY loading platform. The shuttle and transport wagon complete this highly efficient transport system for young plant growers.

1. (De-)Stacking line

The de-stacking line is a buffer for stacked boxes in front of the destacker, and stacking line for unstacked boxes. The (de-)stacker is designed to handle the entire system’s and therefore has a high capacity. The products will run over conveyor belts towards the loading platform when leaving the (de-)stacker.

2. X-Y Loading platform

The loading and unloading platform is where the products will be collected in a format so they can quickly be transported with the system’s shuttle. Depending on the kind of product, the loading platform is equipped with conveyor belts, chain conveyors, or a stainless steel plate with a push-over bar.

3. Shuttle (Y-transporter)

The shuttle transports the products along the main path between the loading platform and the bay where the transport wagon awaits. The shuttle is battery-driven or generator-driven and automatically drives up and down the track. The transport wagon will move onto the shuttle and pick up the products to bring them into the bay. The shuttle can also be used to transfer the transport wagon to another bay.

Y transporter XY system
X transporter XY system

4. Transport wagon (X-transporter)

The transport wagon is manually operated to travel up and down the bay. The operator is located on top of the transport wagon. Boxes are picked up in a lifting frame by using clamps or a fork. The transport wagon drives over the rails placed on both sides of the bay and can go overhead the boxes to put or pick up at any place where needed. The transport wagon has its own power supply using a generator or a battery pack.

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