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Internal Transport

Palletizing & Strapping

The automated palletizing line can process a large variety of boxes and crates. The palletizing machine can be integrated with horizontal pallet strapping machines to provide stability for pallets and trays during transport and storage.

  • Turn-key solution
  • Labour saving automation
  • Speed up logistic flow
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Palletizing & Strapping

Viscon provides integrated solutions for automated pallet handling in production, packaging, and distribution processes. We design pallet handling and strapping system to speed up the logistics flow.

Our portfolio consists of configurable pallet conveyors, shuttles, lifts, palletizers, and stackers. We also include crate, tray or box conveying to create a seamless connection to your production or packaging lines. Third-party solutions for robotics or AGVs can be integrated to create the best handling system.

A flexible approach is possible thanks to our in-house engineering, production, and software capabilities. Viscon’s Factory Intelligence software gives you optimal control and management of your logistics process. This enables product traceability and unlocks performance optimization to get the most out of your daily production.

Fully automatic palletizing and strapping

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Speeds up the logistics flow!

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