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Internal Transport


The Monorail internal transport system is an internal logistics system for your greenhouse. A unique design that gives you numerous possibilities for the internal transport of pots, trays, and pots in trays or crates. The system provides flexibility since it can be applied to existing greenhouse structures.

  • High versatility
  • Can be used in every greenhouse
  • Automatic loading and unloading
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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The Monorail system rides on a monorail mounted on the greenhouse ridge. It is based on a battery-driven train with an attached trolley platform. On this platform, any product carrier can be placed. To change tracks, ‘changeovers’ can be mounted. These can be operated manually.

The Monorail internal transport system improves horticulture in its simplicity. Once the operator manually chooses a track, the train runs automatically. Different operations like potting, spacing, shipping, and delivery can be done simultaneously using change-overs and double tracks. The system’s capacity depends on the track length, the speed of loading and unloading the platforms, and the number of trains in the system. The capacity can be increased by adding extra trains that can be put into the system without any programming required. The system can be extended with additional machines for automatic loading and unloading in the working area. Unloading and loading in the greenhouse will be done manually.

The train is equipped with a small switch box to start and stop. Starting and stopping can also be accomplished by pulling a cord on the train. The trains have a battery for power supply. The battery is suitable for a working day of up to 12 hours. Usually, the charging is done overnight, and the trains can stay on track. Saloon-type doors are available for passing from one greenhouse to the next, which will be opened and closed if the train comes in contact with them.

Technical specifications


Trolleys per hour


Meters per minute


Battery life (hours)


Loading platform width (mm)


Loading platform lengt (mm)

Internal transport for every existing greenhouse

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Improves horticulture by its simplicity!

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