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Vision Grading

Select-O-Mat Phoenix

The Select-O-Mat Phoenix is a computer-controlled camera grading machine for young plants. It combines innovative robot technology with 360° vision images. Twelve independently servo-driven grippers achieve a capacity of 8,000 plants per hour. The one-touch principle is applied to ensure minimal plant damage.

  • High speed and precision
  • Vision grading technology
  • One touch principle
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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Select-O-Mat Phoenix

The Select-O-Mat Phoenix grades the young plants in one touch. The plants are pushed up individually before the camera and then turned 360 degrees. After grading, the plant is placed directly in the destination tray.

While rotating, the camera takes several pictures to provide accurate plant selection. An average value will be calculated, and the class of the plant will be determined with this value. The computer then analyzes these pictures to ensure the quality of the grading process. This results in the fastest, most reliable, and most precise grading technique.

The Select-O-Mat Phoenix has more than doubled its previous grading line capacity: from 3500 plants per hour to 8000 plants per hour. This increase in capacity is a result of innovative gripper technology; Twelve servo-controlled grippers work simultaneously, each driven independently. The machine is suitable for all young plants, and grading can be programmed into three classes and a waste class.

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