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The Fix-O-Mat TIFS-IV is a high-speed replugging machine. It has two high-resolution cameras for tray inspection, providing the most precise grading technique. Each gripper has individually controlled movements which enable the system to achieve a capacity of up to 12,000 plants per hour.

  • High speed
  • 100% viable plants
  • High resolution cameras
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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The TIFS-IV plug fixer has two high-resolution cameras that provide the most precise grading technique. Multiple cameras scan the source trays and ensure the destination trays are fixed with 100% viable young plants. Twelve servo-controlled grippers enable the system to create the smartest and quickest combinations, up to 12,000 plants per hour.

The Fix-O-Mat TIFS-IV is equipped with new gripper technology, providing each gripper with servo-controlled software. This guarantees a perfect planting result without damaging the plants. A blowout system removes the plugs that don’t meet the pre-set criteria. The machine is flexible to run with different tray sizes and grading programs.

The new Siemens touch screen provides a user-friendly interface in which almost every planting combination can be programmed. Up to 100 grading combinations can be stored and selected from the simple on-screen menu in seconds. The Fix-O-Mat can be easily integrated into new or existing production systems.

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