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Template filling machine

FF Filler

The FF Filler is a high-speed template-based filling machine that achieves a nice and clean filling result. No soil is spilled using a template that matches the pot/tray combination. The FF Filler is fully adjustable in template size, speed, and filling density.

  • Clean and uniform filling
  • Adjustable templates and filling density
  • Special design for tall pots in trays
Floris Berghout
Floris Berghout | Global Sales Manager

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FF Filler

The FF Filler is a unique high-capacity batch filler, filling up to 1,000 templates per hour. It is suited for pots in a carrier tray where the top of the pots are not equal to the top of the carrier tray and for pots in trays with space between them. Using a template that matches the tray format, the soil ends up in the pot or the cell of the tray. Therefore, the filling result is nice and clean. No soil is spilled in the process. Using templates makes it easy to change to a different tray format by simply changing the template.

The template filler gives a clean result by first collecting the trays on a conveyor belt, which is then pushed upwards to the template to avoid any spillage. An integrated brush mounted at the filling head cleans the top of the pot. By changing the number of filling cycles, soil compactness can easily be changed. The maximum tray dimensions are 2.720 x 630 x 200 mm. The hopper volume contains 750 liters and is expandable to 1000 liter.

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A high speed template-based filler

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