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Dibbling & Drilling

Dibbling unit

The dibbling and drilling units can be used for three applications; dibbling, drilling, and eccentric drilling. Dibbling can be done via a mechanical plate or a drum. The units are modular built and available as stand-alone or inline versions.

  • Dibbler plate / drum units
  • Drill unit
  • Eccentric drill unit
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Dibbling and drilling systems

Dibbling and drilling units come in 4 different versions, equipped with;

  • Dibbler plate unit for dibbling (seeding)holes into trays.
  • Dibbler drum unit for dibbling (seeding)holes into trays.
  • Drill unit for drilling holes into trays and pots.
  • Eccentric drill unit for drilling (transplanting)holes into trays and pots.

All dibbling and drilling units can be utilized, both short-side leading and long-side leading. This ensures all types of trays are compatible with the machines and that high capacity is guaranteed. Equipped with a switch box with a programmable digital display allows for easy adjustments. This makes for a smooth operation.

For both dibbling, eccentric or standard drilling

Why choose the Dibbling unit?

All types of trays are compatible!

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